Who We Are                                  

The Passaic County Mobile Spay/Neuter Coalition
arranges low-cost spay/neuter services and, in conjunction with People For Animals, operates a spay/neuter van
in numerous areas in New Jersey:

The Neuter Commuter, now called The Spay Station  
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 Who We Are 

The Coalition was formed by three federally recognized,
501(c)(3) nonprofit charitable organizations in Passaic County:

Friends of the Shelter
Only Kindness
Save the Animals Rescue Team (S.T.A.R.T.)
Together, these groups joined forces to help alleviate the pet overpopulation
problem in Passaic County, and all of New Jersey.  This coalition of
progressive animal shelters and rescue groups formed for the sole purpose
of purchasing and operating a mobile spay/neuter clinic in Passaic County,
and surrounding areas of New Jersey.

Friends of the Shelter ("FOS") is a nonprofit all-volunteer organization which supports
the operation of the Clifton Animal Shelter. 
Only Kindness ("OK") is a nonprofit organization that is an animal rescue
and humane education group.
Save the Animals Rescue Team ("S.T.A.R.T.") is a rescue group and feral cat colony
support network also participating in an outreach program with various shelters
and rescue groups in Passaic County. 

Please follow the links provided to learn more about the Coalition members
and the wonderful community services that they each provide.

The Passaic County Mobile Spay/Neuter Coalition also has received
a favorable IRS determination and is a federally recognized
501(c)(3) non-profit public charitable organization.
Our Federal Charity Tax ID number is 04-375650.

Our Mission

To End Pet Overpopulation in Your Community
Did you know that, in New Jersey alone, nearly 50,000 dogs and cats are put to sleep (killed!) each year simply because there are not enough homes for them?

For years, animal shelters have seen an increasing number of homeless animals and a rising euthanasia rate due to too few adoptions. 

Despite the best efforts of shelter staff and volunteers to find pets new homes, their efforts cannot keep up with the endless stream of animals coming in the doors day after day. 

The most effective way, and many believe the only way, to stem this tide of despair is to end the uncontrolled breeding of pets.

How can this be done?  By having more pets spayed and neutered - in fact, that is the only way!

We know not everyone can afford to alter their pets or has access to low cost spay/neuter services. The Neuter Commuter makes available a low cost mobile spay/neuter clinic that can go where the community needs are the greatest. Our main service area is Northern NJ, but through cooperative efforts with other animal welfare agencies, we work together to end pet overpopulation across the state. We also bring these low cost mobile altering services to local animal shelters and rescue groups that lack low cost spay/neuter options.
The Neuter Commuter


A service of the

Passaic County Mobile Spay/Neuter Van Coalition
1360 Clifton Avenue, #348
Clifton, New Jersey 07012

Phone: 973-454-1625
Email: info@NeuterCommuter.org or info@NeuterCommuter.com